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Hand Knit Jacquard Beanies - From Start to Finish - Invincible Exclusives

In another corner of the bustling fashion industry, the team at Invincible embarked on a journey to create exclusive hand-knit jacquard beanies for our streetwear brand. Our vision was clear—beanies that exuded style and quality, each a unique statement piece.

Our journey began with some brainstorming and mood boarding. Drawing inspiration from everything and anything while assembling a list of ideas. From there, we dwindled it down and began turning words into art. Each design came to life over the course of a few weeks.

We took each piece of art and put it on top of blank beanie, printing them out so we can visualize what each beanie looked like. From there we approved some and turned down others, perhaps to be used in future projects / collections.

The next part of the journey involved the careful review and selection of the craftsmen who have the ability to bring our visions to life. We have to be 100% confident they have the skill, certifications, and any necessary machinery to get the job done. After weeks of seeking out and selecting the highest quality artists we could find, we then handpicked yarn in an array of colors, each chosen to complement each design's distinctive aesthetic. Some yarn required custom dyeing to achieve the exact hues we envisioned.

With the yarn in hand and the confirmation of our vision, our partners set out to bring it to life. The designs we spent weeks creating, finalizing, and approving, were translated onto paper to serve as a guide for the hand-knitting process. The skilled hands referenced their guides as they used their hands, weaving the fabric with precision and care.

Throughout the process, quality was paramount. Each beanie was crafted with attention to detail, ensuring that the design emerged clearly and that the colors were vibrant and true to our vision. We envision our artists, their hands moving carefully to create each individual beanie as its own work of art.

Once the fabric was ready and design complete, it was expertly shaped into the perfect beanie silhouette. Panels were cut with precision, ready to be assembled into the final product. Careful stitches brought the panels together, creating the unmistakable beanies we set out to make.

But the art is not yet complete. Each beanie received its finishing touches—a distinct mark (XXXXXX) carefully embroidered onto the fabric in our signature color, and a fabric tag bearing our insignia and care instructions. These details added a touch of elegance, ensuring that every beanie was a true reflection of our brand's identity.

A thorough quality check followed. Each beanie was scrutinized to ensure it met the highest standards of craftsmanship and design. Only then were the beanies ready to be packaged and sent out into the world, each one a testament to our dedication and passion. The best part about it all? Since each piece is hand-knit and not sewn by machine or simply printed with ink onto a blank beanie, each and every beanie is one of a kind. 

As the last beanie was packaged, we looked upon our vision and our artists' handiwork with pride. These hand-knit jacquard beanies are more than just accessories—they are a symbol of our creativity, quality, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Complete, and ready to be yours. 

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